About Us

Orleans County Democrats – What We Do and Why We Do It

Welcome to the Home Page of Orleans County Democrats.  We invite you to become a regular visitor to this site, to keep current with our activities, and to get involved.

Orleans County is where we live.  We are enthusiastic about improving our communities and we are committed to doing the challenging work this will entail.  We hope you will join our effort!

We are young, old, women, men, parents, children, business owners, farmers, fire fighters, nurses, teachers, students, veterans, retirees, and more.  Some of our families have lived here for many generations and some of us are recent arrivals, but our hopes for this county are the same.  Though diverse in our backgrounds, we share a common vision of what Orleans County can be:

  • A community where hard work is valued and people can achieve their dreams,
  • A community where children want to live and raise families,
  • A community that sustains good jobs and living wages,
  • A community with effective government and services, lower taxes, openness and participation,
  • A community that benefits from excellent schools and educational opportunities,
  • A community that offers  accessible and affordable health care for all,
  • A community that provides outstanding care for young children and elders,
  • A community where clean air and water, and many recreational opportunities are available,
  • A community that seeks safety and peace for all, especially the most vulnerable, and
  • A community that is proud, generous and hopeful!

Our vision as Democrats is to do everything we can to make Orleans County a community where people will want to live, work, raise families, and thrive, and thereby benefit many others.

Wishing for change is not enough.  Government matters.  Local taxes, state initiatives, and federal policies affect our lives every single day.  Government can hold us back or move us forward.  As Democrats we are ready to move forward … for you and with you!

More than anything else, this website is your personal invitation to become involved with Orleans County Democrats:

  • Find out how to contact Democratic Party activists in your town.
  • Learn about upcoming events.
  • Look at the issues we’re working on.
  • Get involved with campaigns to elect public officials.
  • Consider running for office yourself!
  • Make a financial contribution in support of our efforts.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!