Wind Farm Considerations

The Democratic Party is committed to an emphasis on renewable energy sources. Governor Andrew Cuomo has set ambitious goals aimed at reducing the dependency of New Yorkers on fossil fuels. The Orleans County Democratic Committee applauds efforts to reduce such dependency as a sensible and prudent means of addressing air quality and climate change issues important to the future of our planet and its inhabitants. However, the complexity of this task has come home to Orleans County in the controversy over the proposed Lighthouse Wind Project by Apex.

Preserving the environment of all regions of our state is important. A plan should be developed to balance agriculture use and natural habitat before proceeding on a wind farm project. Addressing the impact of the project on property values is also an important consideration. Orleans County is not a wealthy community – a significant portion of the wealth of our citizens is often in their homes and property. All the citizens of Yates would have to live with the wind farm, not just the leaseholders. So, listening to and addressing the concerns of that whole community is just as important as securing a green energy future for New York.

As in the larger community, local Democrats have diverse opinions on the specific issues around the Apex project. What we do agree on is that consideration of the placement of such projects and the environmental and social impact they would have should be an essential part of the decision-making process.

Diana Kastenbaum Visits Our Committee

Dear Orleans County Democratic Committee:

I wanted to thank the Committee for inviting me to your meeting on Wednesday, January 6, 2015 at the beautiful Hoag Library. It was a pleasure to come and speak to you and share some of my thoughts and future plans as an active Democrat. It’s always good to be among fellow Dems who care so much for their community and who work hard to uphold our Democratic ideals.

I was glad my daughter, Millicent, was able to come along as well and you had an opportunity to meet her. As a Senior at Cornell University in Ithaca and a Government major, local government, in particular, is her passion. Thank you for being so gracious and inviting to us both.

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and working together to bring good things to our communities.

Most sincerely,


Diana Kastenbaum
Batavia, NY