Federal Prosecutors have announced the ARREST and INDICTMENT of Republican Congressman Christopher Collins on securities fraud charges.


The United States Justice Department has charged the following:

  • COUNT ONE: Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud
  • COUNT TWO: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT THREE: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT FOUR: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT FIVE: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT SIX: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT SEVEN: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT EIGHT: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT NINE: Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud
  • COUNT TEN: Wire Fraud
  • COUNT ELEVEN: False Statements – Christopher Collins
  • COUNT TWELVE: False Statements – Cameron Collins
  • COUNT THIRTEEN: False Statements – Stephen Zarsky

Christopher Collins is another sad example of a rich crook rigging the system and positioning himself to funnel as many financial gains as possible to his own pocket, while finding ways to saddle the rest of us with any losses – all while pretending to be our friend and protector.

Let’s all call on the Orleans County GOP to dump their endorsement of this turkey for this fall’s election, demand his immediate resignation, and endorse our honest candidate, Nate McMurray. We need someone who will represent all of the people of NY-27, not a greedy and corrupt few.