Federal Prosecutors have announced the ARREST and INDICTMENT of Republican Congressman Christopher Collins on securities fraud charges.


The United States Justice Department has charged the following:

  • COUNT ONE: Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud
  • COUNT TWO: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT THREE: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT FOUR: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT FIVE: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT SIX: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT SEVEN: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT EIGHT: Securities Fraud
  • COUNT NINE: Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud
  • COUNT TEN: Wire Fraud
  • COUNT ELEVEN: False Statements – Christopher Collins
  • COUNT TWELVE: False Statements – Cameron Collins
  • COUNT THIRTEEN: False Statements – Stephen Zarsky

Christopher Collins is another sad example of a rich crook rigging the system and positioning himself to funnel as many financial gains as possible to his own pocket, while finding ways to saddle the rest of us with any losses – all while pretending to be our friend and protector.

Let’s all call on the Orleans County GOP to dump their endorsement of this turkey for this fall’s election, demand his immediate resignation, and endorse our honest candidate, Nate McMurray. We need someone who will represent all of the people of NY-27, not a greedy and corrupt few. 

2018 Election Information

NYS Primary Election: Thursday, September 13, 2018. Polls open: Noon to 9:00 PM.

NYS General Election: Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Polls open: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Voter Registration: In New York you can register online, in person, or by the mail. The main dates this year for NYS voter registration are August 19th for the primary election and October 12th for the general election. But, there are some different dates for changes, absentee ballots, etc.

You can stop by the Orleans County Board of Elections for more information or to register. You can also visit the NYS Board of Elections website to download a registration form that you then mail to our Orleans County Board of Elections. Or, if you have an account with the NYS DMV website, you can register there online.

Yard Signs: We expect to have yard signs for a number of Democratic candidates later this fall. Send us an email for yard signs if interested.

Orleans Democrats – We Want You

Now is a great opportunity for Democrats registered in Orleans County to get involved! We want you!

Local Fall Election: Please contact us if you are interested in running for:

  • Albion Town Justice
  • Gaines Councilperson
  • Kendall Town Justice
  • Murray Councilperson
  • Shelby Councilperson
  • Any of the state races.

To be a candidate on the Democratic line you will need to pass a petition this June.

Orleans Democratic Committee: Local Democrats volunteer their time to serve on the Orleans County Democratic Committee. We assist candidates, collect petition signatures, put up yard signs, and help at fundraising and election events. If you have a few hours a month to spare then you can make a big difference in helping to elect more Democratic candidates. We especially need more Democrats to help us on the West and East sides of the county. Every 2 years local Democrats pass petitions for joining our committee. This June we need you!

To get involved contact a current committee member or send us an email at

Albion Election Thank You

Thank You to all those people who have supported us and helped with our campaign.

We could never express all our gratitude to those of you who have assisted in our campaign.  For those who allowed us to put our signs in your yards, distributed our Rack cards, went door-to-door on our behalf, came to help with our Phone Bank and there are of course the many of you who voted for us.  Thank you for your support, trust and enthusiasm.   We all share a love for the Village of Albion and a desire to see it as a great place to live.

Again, thank you for your support.

Joyce Riley, Sandra Walter, and Jason Dragon

Louise Slaughter

Orleans County is saddened to hear of the passing of Louise Slaughter. Louise was dedicated and fair  and represented us well when we were her constituents. It was our loss when we were no longer represented by her.  God Speed, Louise, you will be missed.

WASHINGTON, DC – The office of Congresswoman Louise Slaughter
(NY-25) today released details of the funeral arrangements honoring the congresswoman, who passed away early Friday morning surrounded by family at George Washington University Hospital.

The Slaughter family will receive members of the community during calling hours on Wednesday, March 21st from 2pm-7pm ET and Thursday, March 22nd from 4pm-8pm ET at Miller Funeral and Cremation Services (3325 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY 14623). Press will not be allowed to enter the funeral home but can be positioned outside the facility as appropriate. For directions or to submit an email message of condolence, please visit

The funeral service celebrating the life of the congresswoman will be held on Friday, March 23rd beginning at 11am ET at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre (the corner of Main and Gibbs Streets, Rochester, NY, 14604). The service will be open to the public as seating allows. For information on parking, click here. For media attendance, please contact

In lieu of flowers, the Slaughter family requests the public consider a memorial contribution to The Louise & Bob Slaughter Foundation. The new foundation will support the causes and communities that were important to the late congresswoman and her husband. Donations can be mailed to The Louise & Bob Slaughter Foundation at 14 Manor Hill Drive, Fairport, NY 14450.

Slaughter was predeceased by her husband of 57 years, Robert “Bob”
Slaughter, Jr. She is survived by her three daughters, Megan (Richard) Secatore, Amy Slaughter, and Emily Robin (Michael) Minerva, seven grandchildren, Lauren and Daniel (Erin) Secatore, Emma and Jackson Clark, and Mason, Linus, and Ione Minerva, and one great-grandchild, Henry Secatore.

NY-27 Petition Signatures Needed

All hands on deck! We have petition sheets for congressional candidates Nate McMurray and Nick Stankevich that need signatures from registered Democrats.  We need to get signatures here in Orleans County. Over one thousand are needed for each candidate throughout the entire district. We have until April 9th to collect them, as they must be in Albany no later than April 12th. The Congressional Primary will take place on Tuesday, June 26, noon – 9:00 PM.

If you would like to sign a petition then send us an email to and someone will bring a petition for you to sign. You can only sign one of the petitions, not both.

If you like, you can also help gather petition signatures. A person should only pass a petition for one candidate. Send an email to and we’ll get you a petition for the requested candidate. Note that you cannot sign a petition sheet that you pass, as the petition requires you to sign as a witness for the signatures that you collect. But, you can still sign a petition that someone else passes – and we can arrange for someone to bring you their petition.

Town Nominations Have Changed

The Orleans County Democratic Committee has updated its rules to change the process for party nominations to town offices. As of this year we will stop using town caucuses and switch to the primary election process. Candidates who desire the Democratic Party line for a town office will need to pass a petition. The Orleans County Democratic Committee stands ready to assist those who have an interest in running for office.

Village office nominations are now the only nominations that will follow the caucus process.

Village of Albion 2018 Candidates

The Village of Albion Democrats held a caucus on Monday, January 29, 2018 to select candidates for the upcoming village election. For Mayor the caucus selected Joyce Riley. For the 2 trustee positions the caucus selected Sandra Walter and Jason Dragon.

Over the next few months our candidates and supporters will be holding a number of events to engage the community. Please feel free to contact any candidate with issues or concerns.

Joyce Riley (585) 733-8462
Sandy Walter (585) 589-9058
Jason Dragon (585) 589-6646

More information to follow soon.

No offshore drilling off New York’s waters

Sharing a message from our Governor …

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

As Governor, it is my duty to protect our state’s coast from environmental threats. The latest threat doesn’t come from Mother Nature but from Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Department of the Interior, under the Trump administration, recently proposed permitting offshore oil and gas drilling in the waters off the country’s coasts, including New York.

Please join me in telling Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke: No offshore drilling off New York’s coast.

Yesterday, we learned that Secretary Zinke gave Florida an exemption from this offshore drilling decision after a bipartisan outcry. In his statement, Mr. Zinke said he would “take into consideration the local and state voice.”

If Florida gets an exemption, then New York should too.

Our beautiful coastline is crucial to this state’s economy. It supports nearly 350,000 jobs and generates billions of dollars through tourism, fishing and other industries. The risk of an oil spill is unacceptable.

Sign the petition and say no to offshore drilling in New York now.

Protecting our environment for future generations is the right thing to do. Let’s send a loud message to Washington that New Yorkers are united against offshore drilling in our own backyard. We too demand an exemption.

Ever Upward,

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo