Committee Meetings


The Orleans County Democratic Committee (OCDC) typically meets on the first Wednesday of the month, with perhaps a few months skipped and a few months having extra meetings. Any official business of the OCDC is conducted during these meetings, as governed by New York State election law. Voting on official business is done by a weighted vote of the committee members, again as outlined in election law.

Any Democrat registered in Orleans County may attend and speak at all meetings of the OCDC. Others can attend the Democratic meetings as guests by invitation, but can’t participate in the official business. If any guests are present then an attempt will be made to wrap up any official business efficiently, to allow the committee and guests to then address matters of common interest.

The OCDC welcomes new attendees – both those who have an interest in potentially joining the committee in the future and those who would like to independently work with us in areas of common interest.


Meetings of Town/Village committees are less frequent, usually when matters that are specific to those localities arise.