Is Common Sense Still Acceptable

Dear Editor:

I understand that we may be witnessing the dawn of a post-fact “world”.  But, I wonder if “common sense” is still acceptable?

A college-educated person I have known for fifty years told me last week that Obama had been helping ISIS by refusing to call them “radical Islamic terrorists”.  Isn’t that like saying we have never called the KKK “radical Christian terrorists” because we want to help the KKK? I have never heard anyone call the KKK a Christian group.

Truth is that the actions of the KKK have been alien to Christianity and calling the KKK “Christian” would be ridiculous, and the reader knows it.  Many Christians would likely take offense to dignifying the KKK’s actions by suggesting that they were in any way consistent with Christ’s teachings.

Understandably, the KKK is never called a radical Christian terrorist group, and it isn’t because we want to help them.

Similarly, if you want to offend Muslims, dignifying ISIS by calling it in any way “Muslim” would be the perfect way to insult the vast majority of Muslims.  One would think offending people we depend on to fight terrorists would be something we would want to avoid . . . in a common sense world.

Obama understood that “little” things matter, and bigger things matter more.

What is perceived as a “Muslim ban” based on the actions of a small percentage of extremists, many of whom have been recruited from outside majority Muslim countries, is a bigger thing.

Under Trump’s recent dictate, people who have sacrificed the most in the fight against ISIS—Iraqi Kurds—are banned from the United States until, “We can figure out what the hell is going on”.  As the Commander in Chief said in a morning tweet, “Study the world”.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for either of those to happen.

The point is that Kurds from Iraq, the very people who have borne the brunt of the ISIS fight, are temporarily banned under his recent order.  Even under Obama, the Kurds were slighted for fear of angering the Turks.  Now we are throwing them into a basket of ‘deplorables’ that includes ISIS psychopaths.

When John McCain said (1/29/17) on “Face the Nation”, “In some instances it may give ISIS more recruits”, he was referring to the Muslim ban.  Such actions are viewed favorably by enemies who see them as contrary to our national interests.

Sincerely yours,
Gary Kent
Albion, NY

Afraid of His Constituents?

To the Editor:

It appears that Congressman Collins is afraid of his own constituents. When was the last time he had an open meeting in front of us? I’m not talking about one of his telephone meetings where questions are carefully screened, or invitation-only events for his supporters. I’m talking about appearing in front of his constituents. Perhaps he is afraid to face the anger of thousands in his district who stand to lose their health care coverage because of his votes. Or maybe he is too busy peeling grapes for his new puppet master in Washington? Or cashing in on insider stock tips? Has anyone even seen him around here lately?

James Renfrew
Holley, NY