Political Observations

Dear Editor:

What follows is not intended to “hold together” particularly well.

According to the President’s accountant (speaking to the President), “. . . this tax bill is gonna kill you”, or so the President said. Though it is unlikely to hurt the President, as long as his tax returns remain secret, he can make whatever assertions he likes with impunity. Or am I missing something? One thing I do not get—considering its potentially disruptive impact on the economy—is why any tax “reform” effort would include such wide-ranging alterations in the existing code.

I missed whatever Daniel Del Plato had to say that prompted Gerard Morrisey’s November 16th letter. As I recall, the Constitution provides for impeachment in cases of “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors”. It also includes “giving aid and comfort” to the enemies of the United States in its definition of what constitutes treason.

It is unclear to me where the State of Denial is located, but those who live there may benefit from considering why the Russians wanted so badly for a certain enigmatic businessman to become President of Russia’s adversary, the United States of America.

While “we” are going off, what is with “our” fascination for brutal autocrats such as Philippine “President” Dutarte?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony this week gives a glimpse into why President Trump is unhappy with him. At the same time, it has to have disappointed some Democrats who were hoping to be handed a “smoking gun”. I watched Ohio Representative Jim Jordan put on a truly theatrical attempt to get the Attorney General to agree to support appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s role in the Uranium 1 deal. Sessions twice dismissed his entreaty with undisguised disdain (blew him off). Those who understand the importance of maintaining confidence in our institutions and Constitutional system had to be encouraged by Sessions’ refusal to use his position to play political games. As for the “I don’t recalls”, I do not find that so surprising.

With regard to Judge Roy Moore, I predict Alabama voters will refuse to elect the apparently reformed and forgiven woman(teen)izer who either is a great liar or is suffering some serious memory loss.

Ken Burns series on The Vietnam “Conflict” is must see viewing for anyone who didn’t end up there. The fact that I had a close friend die there made it extremely difficult for me to listen to, watch, and process. It aired on PBS Channel 21 last weekend.

Sincerely yours,
Gary Kent
Albion, NY