Collaboration on Local Services

Dear Editor:

Those who did not appreciate Jason Dragon’s thoughtfulness on the subject of increased collaboration—and even consideration of consolidation—where local services are concerned may be experiencing the symptoms of early onset myopia. The key to progress may lie in thoughtful consideration and even tentative inquiry. Outright rejection of the possibilities makes little sense to me.

Even if potential benefits are relatively unremarkable initially, anything gained/saved would be a plus. Even a handful of dollars spent wisely can make a difference.

When I suggested merging the highway operations of Albion and Gaines upon the retirement of the Albion Highway Superintendent a few years ago, my only motive was giving taxpayers a break when an opportunity presented itself. If we do not scour the landscape for such opportunities, we have no-one to blame but ourselves for increasingly untenable “situations”.

A few letters ago, I applauded some of those who have the courage to say what needs saying. In my view, Jason can be added to the list.

Sincerely yours,
Gary Kent