Response to Senator Ortt

Senator Robert Ortt
175 Walnut Street, Suite 6
Lockport, NY 14094

Dear Senator,

I am receipt of your recent mailer “No NY Tax Breaks for Hollywood Millionaires”. I will not sign it.

First of all, you are connecting Weinstein to the entire film industry. That is wrong.

Second, you write about “Hollywood welfare”, while not giving a hint of concern about one of the biggest welfare scams I have ever seen, the recently approved so-called Tax Reform bill that quite simply rewards the very rich at the expense of everyone else. I am expecting a major impact on my tax obligations because of this bill. If you were being vigilant about taxes and budgets this is what you should be addressing in a taxpayer-financed mailer to your constituents.

Of course, the most reasonable place to address my concerns about federal tax law is my Congressman Christopher Collins, but he steadfastly refuses to respond to any mail, messages or phone calls that I have sent him. He has made it very clear that he is only accountable to his donors. He seems to have missed the lesson in 9th grade civics class that representatives are accountable to all of their constituents. So I am rightly skeptical of new tax laws endorsed by a representative who appears to be afraid of his own constituents.

Senator, I am very disappointed in your mailer. I am very disappointed that you are not addressing the most significant issue related to taxation. I expect better.

James R. Renfrew, Clarendon NY
January 6, 2018