Al Capurso supports Gov. Cuomo

To the Editor:

On September 13 there will be a Democratic Primary for Governor. If you are a registered Democrat, you can vote.

Permit me to tell you why I am supporting Governor Cuomo. First and foremost he is a proven fighter against the wrecking ball Trump agenda. Mr. Cuomo is pushing for a guaranteed fair minimum wage. He will continue to advance gun safety, defend health care, protect reproductive rights, reunite separated immigrant families, provide tuition-free college, support paid family leave, safeguard the right to union organizing, ensure LGBT equality, stand with Puerto Rico and expand voting rights making it easier for low income, seniors and non drivers to vote.

I encourage you to support our Governor on September 13.

Thank you,
Al Capurso

Politicians and NY-27

Dear Editor:

What to make of Chris Collins? After all, what he got caught doing pales by comparison to what The Donald and his group of insiders are all about. Should it surprise anyone that giving tax breaks to the mega-rich—along with regulation abatement–would ‘juice’ an economy already doing quite well when he took office?

Are all republicans the ‘scumbags’ that Bob Lonsberry labeled Collins? Please.

Do all democrats want to enable deadbeats and abolish I.C.E.? Come on.

We need to differentiate between the Spitzers, Percocos and Silvers and the LaFalces, Hochuls and Slaughters.

We get representatives like Chris Collins because we don’t take our responsibilities as citizens of a republic seriously enough. The price of liberty actually is eternal vigilance. The problem is that today, if we don’t like it, or cannot understand it, we call it “fake news”. Once labeled as such, some of us—in our delusional minds–seem to think we are absolved from dealing with it. After all, it is “fake”.

Paul Lauricella may be a science denier, but he is right on when he calls for more involvement in the political process.

Kelly Gregoire—similar to millions of others—may have succumbed to wishful thinking, even though they are educated and mean well. Kelly may have been taken in by The Donald, as were many good people, but I believe her reasons for running for the republican committee in Murray are pure.

But finding redeeming features in The Donald, as Al Capurso states unequivocally, is challenging. His numerous female accusers aren’t all “liars”. Was the Access Hollywood video “fake news”? The Atlantic City contractors he never paid actually worked on the Taj Mahal resort.

Chris Collins’ biggest fault is not that he used his position to make—and avoid losing—millions of dollars. The thing that makes him a liability his constituents cannot afford is that he is an enabler of The Donald. I might consider voting for someone with ½ the backbone of John McCain, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Charlie Dent, or several others who understand The Donald is a con man. Rob Ortt seems like a solid, ethical, guy, but if he doesn’t call out The Donald, neither he, nor any republican similarly disposed deserves our votes.

Nate McMurray seems like a person of principle. Electing him would demonstrate that even in the supposedly solid 27th Congressional district (where having an “R” beside your name may be all it takes) people have had enough self-serving conduct and grade-school bully tactics. It’s “time out” time.

Sincerely yours,
Gary Kent
Albion, NY

Response to Jeffrey Atwell

Trump supporter Mr. Jeffrey Atwell (August 15 letter) says it doesn’t matter which politician inspires us. I couldn’t disagree more. Who we choose to inspire us speaks to our character, our integrity, how we view and treat our fellow human beings. It’s also a predictor of future behaviors. He claims he knows me, but then goes on to make erroneous assumptions. He is making a big mistake if he thinks he can defend Trump’s outrageous behaviors by hiding behind Hillary Clinton. Trump and his cronies are under federal investigation (some have been indicted/plead guilty) for collusion (treason), money laundering, obstruction of justice, and lying to the FBI. Hillary Clinton was the most investigated public official in history, resulting in NO indictments. Not one.

I’m glad to learn Trump is making his hats in the U.S. Perhaps he can stop outsourcing the rest of his and his daughter’s line of clothing as well.

In Mr. Atwell’s Trumpian world, the media lies and only Trump can be believed. Good luck with that.

Al Capurso

Response to Kellie Gregoire

To the Editor

I’d like to respond to Kellie Gregoire (August 6) who is running for a committee position in the Murray Republican Party. While I applaud anyone for getting politically involved, I cannot allow her glowing comments about “president“ Trump to go unchallenged. Ms. Gregoire states she has been “very inspired” by Trump, then goes on to quote something his speech writer wrote.

This man is no positive example to the youth of America. His constant lying, bullying, and selfishness are not behaviors I want my children to emulate. The man is a breaker of God’s Commandments. He golfs while young crying children are locked in cages at his command. He trashes our environment so his corporate donors can reap vast profits. He pays lip-service to the value of American products while Chinese slave labor make his MAGA hats. He considers a free press to be our enemy. He has been caught in lie after lie. No wonder he hates those who report facts. There isn’t enough space here to catalog all that is wrong with Trump.

Decent, Godly citizens will not stand by while the Evangelical crowd tries to normalize the behaviors of this hateful, deceitful man. My God didn’t choose Trump to be president, Vladimir Putin did. We will all breathe a sigh of relief when this treasonous nightmare is over. Do me a favor; don’t lecture me about how sinners shouldn’t throw stones. Your man Trump does it all the time.

Al Capurso

Democratic Policies Do Not Hurt The US

Letter to the editor

Democratic Policies Do Not Hurt The US

This is part three in my answer to Paul Lauricella’s rant. He said Mr. Trump is winning. Well he has set some records for sure:
-most days vacationing.
-most games of golf played.
-least amount of bills signed.
-lowest approval rating.
-most cabinet resigniations.
-most criminal indictments.
-deficit increased to $21 trillion dollars.
-alienated importers of US farm goods hurting US farmers.
-giving huge tax cuts to corporations already enjoying record profits. Crumbs to the Middle Class.

Mr. Lauracella talks about building a wall. The only wall America needs is the one between church and state, as our Founding Fathers intended.

Mr. Lauracella bashed Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society policies. That means he is opposed to the Civil Rights Act, the Economic Opportunity Act, Medicare, the Clean Water and Clean Air Act, The Wilderness Protection Act, and numerous more. LBJ established the value system begun by John Kennedy, that the US will not tolerate poverty caused by racial discrimination. A fight that caring Americans are still taking up today.

Therefore I must conclude that Mr. Lauracella favors the conservative Republican agenda of ‘keep ‘em poor, keep ‘em sick, and keep ‘em stupid’. I can’t expect anything more from a climate change denier.

Al Capurso

Setting the Record Straight

To the editor:

Setting The Record Straight

Mr. Paul Lauracella thinks that those who favor compassion and humanity over cruelty to children are “extremists”, hell-bent on destroying American society. Mr. Lauracella, there are thousands of refugee children languishing in cages as Mr. Trump golfs. I guess somehow that’s supposed to make our country great? To say, as you have, that those that seek to enter the US are criminals couldn’t be more wrong. Most are law abiding people as evidenced by FBI statistics.

Mr. Lauracella, you forget it was your hero Ronald Regan who gave corporations and the rich huge tax cuts, beginning the demise of the Middle Class. And now one pay check won’t feed most families. We Democrats make no apologies for advocating equal opportunity and equal pay for women in the workplace. Republicans in Congress have voted against legislation requiring equal pay for women every single time. Every single time. How immoral is that?

Mr. Lauracella, like many two-dimensional thinkers, you go on to confuse ‘pro-choice’ with ‘pro-abortion’. No one favors abortion. However, this difficult decision must be made between a woman and her doctor. Mr. Trump was pro-choice until he needed to pander to the evangelical community. Mr. Lauracella, if men like you could get pregnant, safe and legal abortions would be as easy to get as a drive-thru Big Mac. Stop tying to control women.

Liar In Chief Mr. Trump and followers like you Mr. Lauracella call careful, legitimate, factual news reporting “fake” and reporters the “enemy of the people”. How convenient when you don’t like the truth coming out than to shoot the messenger? Tyrants have done it for years.

There will be more I will be saying later but I’ll end this letter with a quote from Conservative columnist George Will: “The 2018 midterm elections this November won’t be about Democrats vs. Republicans. They will be about moral, decent human beings vs. Trump Supporters. Mr Collins, stop hiding.

Al Capurso