Democratic Policies Do Not Hurt The US

Letter to the editor

Democratic Policies Do Not Hurt The US

This is part three in my answer to Paul Lauricella’s rant. He said Mr. Trump is winning. Well he has set some records for sure:
-most days vacationing.
-most games of golf played.
-least amount of bills signed.
-lowest approval rating.
-most cabinet resigniations.
-most criminal indictments.
-deficit increased to $21 trillion dollars.
-alienated importers of US farm goods hurting US farmers.
-giving huge tax cuts to corporations already enjoying record profits. Crumbs to the Middle Class.

Mr. Lauracella talks about building a wall. The only wall America needs is the one between church and state, as our Founding Fathers intended.

Mr. Lauracella bashed Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society policies. That means he is opposed to the Civil Rights Act, the Economic Opportunity Act, Medicare, the Clean Water and Clean Air Act, The Wilderness Protection Act, and numerous more. LBJ established the value system begun by John Kennedy, that the US will not tolerate poverty caused by racial discrimination. A fight that caring Americans are still taking up today.

Therefore I must conclude that Mr. Lauracella favors the conservative Republican agenda of ‘keep ‘em poor, keep ‘em sick, and keep ‘em stupid’. I can’t expect anything more from a climate change denier.

Al Capurso