Response to Jeffrey Atwell

Trump supporter Mr. Jeffrey Atwell (August 15 letter) says it doesn’t matter which politician inspires us. I couldn’t disagree more. Who we choose to inspire us speaks to our character, our integrity, how we view and treat our fellow human beings. It’s also a predictor of future behaviors. He claims he knows me, but then goes on to make erroneous assumptions. He is making a big mistake if he thinks he can defend Trump’s outrageous behaviors by hiding behind Hillary Clinton. Trump and his cronies are under federal investigation (some have been indicted/plead guilty) for collusion (treason), money laundering, obstruction of justice, and lying to the FBI. Hillary Clinton was the most investigated public official in history, resulting in NO indictments. Not one.

I’m glad to learn Trump is making his hats in the U.S. Perhaps he can stop outsourcing the rest of his and his daughter’s line of clothing as well.

In Mr. Atwell’s Trumpian world, the media lies and only Trump can be believed. Good luck with that.

Al Capurso