Al Capurso Editorial

I am truly honored that the Chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party mentioned me in an editorial (September 9). Mr. Al Lofthouse was putting forth the conservative manifesto that Governor Cuomo is an “egoistical bully” and that “Marxists, Socialists, and Communists” are conspiring to bring trump down (small case “t” on purpose). How convenient it is to accuse your opponents of doing that of which you are guilty. First of all, Mr. Cuomo’s agenda of free college tuition for all, healthcare for all, a push for renewable safe energy, upholding the right to marry who you love, and sensible gun control are exactly where the majority of New Yorkers and US citizens are right now. Conservatives would have you believe that tax dollars should not be spent on the greater good of society. They prefer tax subsidies for the rich. The Republican plan to pay for them is to cut our Social Security and Medicare.

A growing number of citizens are realizing that trump’s troubles are of his own making. His low poll numbers reflect this. Time and time again, his incompetence, amorality, childish rants, defending law-breakers, defending racists, pathological lying and his use of racial slurs have been collaborated by senior staffers, recordings and thorough reporting and extensive interviews by our most professional, unbiased media outlets (Fox doesn’t fit this definition). His own people are trying to protect our country from him. How scary and inappropriate is that? Plain and simple, trump is his own worse enemy. He has done these things to himself.

Mr. Lofthouse, who you voted for in 2016 and will vote for in 2020 is a test of character. Obviously you failed.

Al Capurso